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Please assist us in preventing a wildlife disaster in 2012...
Starvation Island has the potential to live up to its name this year... Two successive seasons of above average rainfall in the Zambezi Catchment area have resulted in Lake Kariba rising to unprecedented levels.

Disaster looms on all the islands inhabited by wildlife especially, but also around the shoreline of Lake Kariba, as the once vast floodplains full of nutrient rich Panacum grass are rapidly disappearing under the lake surface.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge received the Green Trophy in 2010 from AZTA (Association of Zimbabwean Travel Agents) for its efforts to avert a crisis of the same nature by rescuing animals that attempted to swim to the mainland and also by providing supplementary feed to the stranded animals.

Starvation Island is a perfect example of a typical island on Lake Kariba, approximately 3km long and 1km wide. Being a sand-based island it does not support much edible vegetation when the lake is at the high water mark for the grazing animals, approximately 80 waterbuck and over 300 impala that call it home.

The satellite images below show how the water level changes the size of the island in a season.



(Based on actual figures from the 2010 Starvation Island Operation, we would like to secure enough funding and resources to expand the operation in 2011 to cover other affected islands on Lake Kariba)

  • 30 Tonnes of Hay Bales
  • 15 Tonnes of Maize
  • 5 Tonnes Game Cubes
  • 200 Game Blocks
  • 2,000 litres Petrol (used for delivering feed)
  • Transport of goods from Harare
  • Transport of goods across the lake

How to get involved:
If you are able to assist with any of the items on our wish list then please contact us on the details below:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Alternatively you can deposit directly into our account:

Account Name: BHAPU
Account Number: 0240065296002
Beneficiary Bank: Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited
Branch Name: Belgravia
Branch Sort Code: 3103



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