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Lion Rescue

Just to update you on Joshua and Johanna, the lions rescued on 14 June.

Johanna can now stand, just for a wobbly second or two, but it is progress. We are hopeful that she will regain most of the mobility in her back legs eventually. In the meantime I feel that she is starting to luxuriate in the quiet and tranquillity of her hospital pen, with a deep bed of hay to lie on, regular and delicious meals - more food than she can eat which must be heaven for her after years of having to fight for every scrap, unlimited water to drink (there was no water available to her previously) and the dedicated companionship of darling fat Elsie, the gentle lioness who is her neighbour. Elsie seldom leaves Johanna's side, and when I am with Johanna, Elsie has her beautiful face squished against the wire to monitor every move. Yesterday morning they were asleep in the sun, their heads pressed together through the fence. (We wont dwell on the incident where Elsie was found with one large paw poised over Johanna's dinner.we all have our weaknesses..). Yesterday Johanna took a piece of meat from my hand which was a wonderful moment of trust.

Joshua remains a source of deep concern and distress to us all. He is severely traumatised and so frightened of us. He spends most of his time in a sheltered corner, either staring blankly or sleeping deeply. When he moves, he scuttles along on his stomach. I did see him stand up for the first time on Sunday and he is eating, and eating, although he  pointedly separates the piece of meat with his tablets in it and puts it to one side. We have to hope that with time he will learnt to trust us and be happy. When we rescued Wire, an enormous male lion, last year, he was also deeply traumatised. Now he is a contented and mellow member of our Sanctuary family who has given up brawling in favour of sun-bathing and bird-watching. So there is always hope, and we wont give up on Joshua.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has responded so far to our appeal for funds for the rehabilitation of Joshua and Johanna. Please contact Sarah on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can help - we are in need of fencing materials to build them a spacious enclosure, canvas tarps for shelter, cement, or sponsorship for their future care.




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