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Orphans in Africa

Teaching English to the orphan children is not so easy. Every child understandably begins a conversation in their mother tongue.  And yet, out there, among the professionals, and job applications, there is a great need to declare a CV in English and emphasize your skills in English.

Ruddy Banda and Garnet David are being taught and lectured in English, and will require supervision, to ensure a little progress.  Nothing will be achieved until the boys agree to work at it with determination.

We have mentioned Natasha.  Because of her illness, she is reluctant to put on weight, but she is willing to join in the fun.  She is constantly upset with past memories of her family.  We looked for her Grandfather after she joined the orphan family at the GSC to no avail.

When the job description is available, we will be able to let you know just where Nomore and Ralph are working and what exactly they are doing.  It would be wonderful to see them in a permanent post and begin to fend for themselves.  We were listening to Dorothy Bates telling us about the orphan children in Moldova; when they reach the age of 16, they are given the equivalent of $40 US dollars by the government and told to find work.  You can imagine the difficulties.

We now have $3000 in order to start on the transition house that will house the older children on a temporary basis.  It will be a 3 bedroomed dwelling with corrugated roofing.  We are asking for sponsorship and donations.  I remember in 2005 when we began to build the boys house.  The target was just the same at £20,000.  We were given a tremendous gift of £2000 from our friends the Erasmus family in London, and as we prayed, the money began to pour in, and God provided.  Do you think we can see the same again?

We are quite sure that the dinner/auction will be a success and funds will make sure that the orphan children will survive a little while longer. Thank you to all those who have given funds to feed the children and to help start building the transition house.  Please do not feel embarrassed if you are not able to help at this time, but do enjoy reading our updates each month.


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