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Good Shepherd Centre orphanage

During the month of November, there has been concerted efforts to raise money for Orphans In Africa and children in need at the Good Shepherd Centre orphanage, and around the world, television programs have highlighted children in need in their own country and letting the viewers hear of harrowing incidents and stories of families trying desperately to cope with tragedy when a small child dies suddenly.  On 25th November this month, there will be an auction for Orphans In Africa.

The exciting work of raising funds to build our very first transit house has begun.  The target is $20,000 US dollars, and we have reached the $3,000 already.  If you have contributed already please ignore this request.  We need to start building our first 3 bedroom house, outside the GSC orphanage, as soon as possible – would you like to contribute and help us reach the target figure.  

Natasha struggles right now with past memories of the past and present day rejection by her friends.  Tinashe Kanyoka has received two merit awards at his school. The 3 phase bore hole pump has stopped working, but the sturdy hand pump continues to provide water for washing and cooking.
The staff will obtain a speedy quotation in order to build the foundation and floor surface of the boys transition house, so that we can build the house as the funds come in. Vincent has found a place for the two boys, Nomore and Ralph to work.  The older girls have not been able to move from the orphanage yet as we are looking for some kind person to sponsor them to pay the monthly rent for the first year.

Vana Child Ministries in Australia have been able to find 9 sponsors for the children at the Good Shepherd Centre and we would like to say thank you for all your efforts.  Vana also has extensive work with children throughout Zimbabwe.



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